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Welcome to the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Program Partner Screening website:

The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation has a zero-tolerance policy for child molestation and sexual abuse. Additionally, we want to make sure that any individual, who through our programs or other youth development programs, will come in contact with children does not have a documented background that could have an adverse affect on program participants.

We understand that protecting children is our most important responsibility and that our programs serve no positive purpose if we do not ensure their safety. Through our alliance with First Advantage we are able to offer our program partners access to this system which will reduce risk by providing a thorough background screening check on those who will work with children.

If you are an Individual and need to submit a background check on yourself, please select the "Click here to register as an Individual" link.

If you are a Program Partner and need to submit a background check on an employee, select the "Click here to register as a Program Partner" link to register for an account.